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Our “Au Pair in China” programs provide you a valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and Chinese language on daily basis. Our programs will enhance your understanding and acceptance of other cultures and foster life-long friendship in China. Au pairs will be able to share with your host families about life in your own countries throughout our programs . The host families, au pairs and the communities surrounding these families benefit from this exchange as the au pair integrates into daily life in China.

Au Pair in China:
Our center place international Au Pair into Chinese families for cultural exchange and part time foreign language teaching, mainly English teaching.


  Full board and lodging with your host family
Immersion in the Chinese culture and language
In average 8 lessons of Chinese classes per week
Monthly stipend from 1000 RMB (Up to 1200RMB, depend on family evaluation)
International insurance
Short Term programs: 3 months
Long Term programs: 6 to 12 months
Language Exchange Program with native speakers
Free guided tours, excursions, and activities

Au Pair from China:
Our center also recruits Chinese Au Pair to overseas positions. We place Chinese young people to Germany, USA and other countries. We cooperate with Au Pair agency and Au Pair host families directly all over the world









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