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    How long does it take to find a Chinese host and can I get my program deposit back if you cannot find the host for me?

    In average it takes us around one month to complete the Au Pair placement process, but it may be sooner or longer.

    The process starts when we receive the application fee and the program deposit from the application. The application fee is non-refundable. The program deposit is non-refundable within the three months period from we receive it. If we cannot work out the Au Pair family for you within the three months, you may request to refund or let us to continue to look for the family for you.

2. As an Au Pair in China, will I have a private room? Is there air-con in the room?

Yes, Au Pair in China will be granted a private room. Some specific situations, upon request of the family, au pair might share a room with host family's kids, but it can be negotiated. All the room should have the air-con.

Will I have a private bathroom?

That depends on the family. In some families, you have to share a bathroom. In others, you will have a private bathroom.


Are meals included?

Breakfast and dinner are almost always included. Some families will offer you lunch as well. Of course, you can choose to eat independently at restaurants or elsewhere if you like.

5. Can I use the telephone?

You can use your host family’s telephone to make local call or to receive the calls. However, if you wish to make long-distance calls you should buy a calling card at your own expense or make other arrangements, such as using Skype.
6. Can I use the internet-connection?

Of course, all of our host families have the internet connection and at least one computer which you may share. For your own convenience, it is advisable to bring along a personal laptop if possible.

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