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Our Chinese language programsare designed to immerse participants in Mandarin through class instruction, individual tutoring, and a unique language exchange with native Mandarin speakers through our partner program. Our group programs (especially short term sessions) typically emphasize conversational skills. Private one-to-one lessons may be tailored to fit individual student needs.

  Learning to utilize a foreign language in a practical manner without immersion in an everyday environment can be difficult, even with prior academic study. Our center seeks to promote modern “communicative” teaching. Students are encouraged to actively learn through speaking and listening rather than just passive study. We feel that the combination of intensive spoken practice and everyday exposure provides the most effective means to improve one’s practical grasp of Chinese. Frequent grammar explanations are also provided in order to improve your structural understanding of Mandarin, helping you to master new conversational patterns quickly.  

  While we emphasize intensive practice, above all we feel that language learning must be fun and non-threatening in order to be effective. Our teachers like to enjoy themselves, and work hard to create a fun and constructive environment to better help you learn quickly and enjoy mastering Chinese!  

  General Features of our Chinese language program:  


1. Total immersion in the Chinese language with wide options of course and activities
2. Small classes average 5-6 students. (In Global Exchange Center only. The class size in the university programs is around 20 in average)
3. Beginner to advanced levels available

Courses start on a monthly cycle rather than a semester schedule, giving you more flexibility.

5. Short term scheduling available from 1 to 12 weeks  ( It is only possible to arrange courses of less than 4 weeks in the Global Exchange Center)
6. Long term programs available for a semester or academic year
7. Native Chinese teachers available with college degrees in either Chinese or
education and years of experience teaching Chinese to foreigners
8. After-class language tutoring
9. Language Exchange Program with native speakers (NEW)


  The details of fees, schedule and course options 2015


  Three components of Our Chinese Language Courses:



Core Chinese language Course

  A structured classroom environment augmented with immersive training is the core part of our comprehensive training package. Our core language course integrates the development of four primary language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In order to maximize your grasp of Chinese, different aspects will receive more focus depending on the duration of your stay. For example, those with short term courses will receive more conversational training, whereas long term students will usually benefit from a more balanced approach.
Three types of classroom instruction:
  A. Group courses: group sizes in the Global Exchange Center average 5 people per class, with a maximum of 10. In major universities, the class size averages 20 people.
  B. Private one-on-one course: Only available in the Global Exchange Center . These may begin at any time (except national holidays), and can include approaches specially designed to meet the needs of an individual student.
  C. Combination of group and private lessons: Classroom lessons can be augmented with instruction from a private tutor.
Two options for host institutes in Beijing:
  A. Global Exchange Education Center
  * Smaller class size,
  * Flexible schedule: We offer short term programs ranging from one week to a few months
  * Starting date each month
  * Focus on “communicative” instruction
  * Comprehensive services for all student needs, such as accommodation, insurance, language partners, after class tutoring and support for daily life.
  B. Top universities in Beijing
    Peking University,
    Tsinghua University,
    Beijing Language & Cultural University.
    General features:
  * Prestigious universities with international recognition.
  * Larger campus
  * Well qualified to provide long term Chinese language training.


After-class tutoring
  After-class tutoring provides students with opportunities to overcome their individual linguistic challenges in an informal environment. Students can receive assistance with their homework, develop specific language skills, or review classroom material. In addition, the informal sessions allow students to implement their own curriculum, allowing them to receive specialized training in subjects such as business.


Language Exchange Partner Program

Our “Language Exchange Partner” program is an excellent platform for our students to expand their exposure to the Chinese language and culture beyond the classroom. The best way to learn about Chinese culture and society is to build connections on an individual level.

Our center regularly recruits Chinese college students seeking to practice English or other languages and interested in making friends with international students.

In order to facilitate this connection, our center can organize activities to allow both international and Chinese students to meet one another. Touring Beijing, meeting for coffee or dinner, and playing sports together will help you develop a relationship with a potential language partner. We provide our students with a list containing background information on Chinese people interested in participating in our program.

“Language Exchange Partner” can be booked as a part of our “Language Plus” program” or “Language Premium” program.


The details of fees, schedule and course options 2015

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