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If you want to learn Chinese kung fu, tai chi, sanda or wingchun,   come to China- the country of its origins.

As one of leading kung fu training schools in China, Global Exchange Center has been providing qualified Chinese martial arts training programs for years. With our experiences in Chinese language training and the experiences to serve international students,  our center has the unique advantage to offer qualified martial arts programs for non-Chinese trainees.  We not only have excellent kung fu masters in our team, but also have well trained  student- advisors  to help our trainees to understand martial arts and deal with  cross languages and  cross-cultural issues or problems.  We not only train our trainees basic forms of kung fu, tai chi or other martial arts,  but also offer the short courses of oriental philosophy, feng shui and basic Chinese medicines  that are the backbone of Chinese martial arts.

Martial Arts Programs Overview: 
   Why Global Exchange Center martial arts programs?  The goals and  features of our martial arts programs: Core courses, guided training,  martial arts knowledge course, communication support.  Training plan for each trainee and mandarin course that focuses on Martial arts available  for each trainee for free. 


Martial Arts in Beijing:  The  highlights of Martial Arts in Beijing:  from two weeks to yearly programs, the professional  kung fu masters,  kung fu and Chinese language combined programs available.  The orientation and communication assisting system.    Core courses subjects available: kung fu, Taiji and Wing Chun.  The schedule and fees listed.

Martial Arts in Yantai: The  highlights of Martial Arts in Yantai:  total immersed Martial Arts training programs,  one month to whole year programs, the best kung fu masters,  excellent nature environment in coastal city of Yantai, affordable costs. Core courses available: Shaolin kung fu, Mantis boxing, Tai chi, Wing Chun. The schedule and fees listed.

Martial Arts Basics:  introduction and background of Chinese kung fu; Taiji; Wing Chun; Mantis boxing;

This part of website is still under construction and please contact us direct if you are interested in our martial arts programs.











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