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  • 环球发展:海外互惠交流


    Double eleventh (2015-11-10)
      Time:2015-11-10 9:47:03  Clrck:2924

    For those who just love to shop online, now is the best time of the year, because Nov 11, Chinas Singles Day, will see some seemingly irrational discounts, in line with the tradition that was started in 2010.

    Last year, Taobao, a major online shopping website, set a record of 1 billion yuan in sales on that day alone, with a whopping 19.1 billion yuan exchanging hands on the website. The number of items sold paralyzed the delivery services due to overloading. On the verge of yet another annual spending spree, its worth reading up on tricks and tips to make the most of the shopping carnival.





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