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    Other Famous Cuisines(2016-02-18)
      Time:2016-2-18 10:44:27  Clrck:2104

    China is a vast country. For nearly one thousand years, Peking (now Beijing), a northern city has been the capital of China. Dignitaries brought their chefs and culinary traditions from other parts of China. Through a mixture of co-operation and rivalry, they developed a light and elegant haute cuisine. Beijing Roast Duck must be the best-known speciality of this region.

    Eastern Chinese cuisine divides into several styles. Provinces in the north of the Yangtze delta is famous for noodles and dumplings and is the home of the renowned Lion's Head Casserole. Provinces in the south of the Yangtze delta are known as the "Land of Fish and Rice", although their cuisine also includes many duck and pork dishes. The port of Shanghai has a unique style, influenced by the West as well as many o parts of China.






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