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    Movie of April 2016-火锅英雄 “Chongqing Hot Pot ” (2016-04-08)
      Time:2016-4-8 9:38:28  Clrck:2473

    Learn Chinese through Chinese Movie- April 2016
    -        火锅英雄 “huǒ guō yīng xióng” (2016-4-8)
     火锅英雄( in pinyin: huǒ guō yīng xióng
    English translation: Chongqing Hot Pot)
    Director: Yang Qing
    Cast: Chen Kun、Bai Baihe、Qin Hao、Yu Entai
    Country: China
    Language: Mandarin
    Year Released: 2015
    In full plates empty Chongqing, three from the junior high school is "fooling around" with good brothers partnership open a hot pot restaurant called "old classmates Dongzi pot". Due to poor management, few people come to shop only the transfer of debt. In order to shop can sell a good price, three people played the expansion of the facade of the idea, to dig holes in the hole. Unexpectedly, the expansion project is scuttling the bank vault. So, on the verge of collapse of the hot pot shop and bank vaults only "segment of a hole"; before looking at readily available in the piles of cash, in thought of "money or report" seesaw battle, the three brothers encounter another female classmate -- when I was in junior high school to give the boss wrote a love letter, now working at a bank Yu Hsiao Hui. Four old classmates because of this "hole" and opened the door again. As a result, this awkward hole, has triggered an unexpected story





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