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Want to teach English in China? And Want to experience Chinese society and culture firsthand? Global Exchange Education Center have excellent TEFL programs for you. 

Come to China and work as an English teacher! You can enjoy a unique opportunity to work and live in an exciting new country. Your adventure in China can also provide you with a vital first step into the international job market.

Our TEFL is open to native English speakers from any countries.  Even you are not a native English speaker, if but you can speak English fluently, you can also apply.  We had German, Swedish, Italian and Israeli in our programs before.

Searching for an English teaching job in China when you are still in your home country can be confusing and frustrated.  Global Exchange, with a proven service record spanning over ten years, provides a comprehensive, reliable and hassle free service package so you can feel confident and safe! Our job placement service utilizes our experience, resources, and professional network to ensure that you find an ideal job placement and relocate to China safely. Afterwards we provide support to help you enjoy your daily life. 

Why Global Exchange TEFL programs:




Over 10 years education service experiences in China
Full time semester long TEFL programs and part time TEFL program available
Outstanding compensation packages
TEFL jobs available in many cities in China
On-going teacher training & support
Flexible and qualified TEFL training courses available


Full Time TEFL program  in China




Excellent on site support and assistance in China during your stay,
Very competitive compensating packages
  1. Available in many middle or small cities all over China

(not available in Beijing and Shanghai)

Qualified TEFL training course and intercultural orientation course at beginning

Part Time TEFL program  in Beijing



Earn extra cash money when taking Chinese language course in Beijing
Free TEFL job search assisting services
Possible to start almost any month of the year except for Jan and Feb.
Good opportunity to accumulate your TEFL experiences and build up connections in China
    For more details on terms and conditions, contact us directly by email, skype or phone.


Learn Chinese in Beijing, China with Global Exchange Education Cente, a leading Chinese school in China
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Job Opportunities with Global
Exchange (招聘):
Valuable Teaching Experiences
Multi cultural environments
Free Job Training
Both full time and part time




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