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Do you want to earn first –hand experience in English teaching while exploring China and Chinese culture, Global Exchange TEFL Teaching Internship is the excellent opportunity for you.

If you are newly graduated from the university, or in your gap year of the your college work, or even you are mid- age and in between your careers, our Teaching English in China program will give you the chance to develop new skills, enhance career prospects and the opportunity to explore pure Chinese cultures in middle or small cities and to build long lasting friendship there. 

Program Highlights:
a). Native English speakers are preferable but our program is also opened to other nationalities who speak English fluently.
b). College degrees are preferable but our program is also opened to the students who are still in the university or college study,
c). Two weeks intensive TEFL training and national recognized TEFL Certificate from Chinese Foreign SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) will be given to all successful trainees. So no previous TEFL experiences are required,
d). Minimum sign-up time: one semester that is about four months
e). Available locations: middle or small cities Shandong, Hebei, inner Mongolia and other northern provinces (outside of Beijing and Shanghai)
f). Starting dates: Feb and Sept that is beginning of Spring and Fall semesters in the schools in China


* 3000 RMB per month intern work allowance
*  free furnished single room accommodation with internet 
* Two week TEFL training in Beijing and national recognized TEFL Certificate from SAFEA
* China visa support service for 6 months academic exchange visa to China
* 3 day cultural tours in Beijing
* Airport transfer upon arrival in Beijing and domestic transportation between Beijing and working city in China
* On-site support: English speaking staff ‘buddy’ and full local support from Global Exchange Center.
* free Chinese language courses once a week for 4 hours
* International travel allowance of 3000 RMB upon completion of the first four months term

Global Exchange Center TEFL Teaching Internship program runs from August / September to June. The Fall semester runs until early January with a mid-semester break but no Christmas break. The Spring semester, with a mid semester break of a week, finishes at the end of June. There are a number of public state holidays in addition to these, such as Qing Ming in early of April and Mid-Autumn Festival in later of the year. 

As teaching intern, you will teach speaking and listening part of English courses, 15 hours (20 classes, 45-minutes each) per week, Monday through Friday, in a public middle or high schools.. The classes focus on speaking. All the students are also taking English classes with their Chinese teachers who teach grammar, reading, and writing. You are expected to help with student extra-curricular activities, such as an English-language newspaper, or an "English Corner" discussion group. You may be asked to work with the Chinese teachers on their English language or to increase their knowledge of Western culture. You will be at your school most of the day, Monday through Friday, except for the two afternoons a week that you can use as free time. 

The furnished accommodation for the teachers are usually at the school or near it. 

Costs for the programs:
$1000 TEFL Internship program service fee:
$ 200 program deposit is due upon acceptance to the program
Balance of $ 800 service fee is due when visa application process starts that is about two or three months before your trip to China.
TEFL Internship program service fee covers tuition of two weeks TEFL training in Beijing, double shared accommodation during two weeks training, three days sightseeing tours in Beijing, 6 months China visa support service fee and TEFL Certificate from China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

For more details on terms and conditions, contact us directly by email, skype or phone.


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