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Chinese Business internship

Trainees in Beijing Capital Steel Co.

Why should you choose this program?

* Gain intercultural professional experiences
* Exposes you to the Chinese culture
* Improves your Chinese language
* Immerses you in everyday Chinese life
* Gives youto make new friends


Introduction to the Chinese Business Internship Program:

The Global Exchange Center arranges internships for students interested in obtaining work experience in business environment in China. The goal of the program is to offer valuable insights into the Chinese culture especially those values and behaviors which are the basis of Chinese business practices and cross-cultural differences which underlie the global economy. At the same time, trainees will have the opportunity to practice their Chinese language skills in a real life environment.

Day to day involvement in the operations of a Chinese organization provides perspectives about the Chinese culture, values and habits that cannot be learned in the classroom or in textbooks. Insights into work methods and socialization patterns are developed while interacting with Chinese employees. Trainees benefit from experiencing Chinese society in a professional setting where exposure to colloquial language improves their own language skills.



Two types of internship programs by of the placement methods

1. Direct Placement Chinese language and Internship Program

standard 12 to 20 weeks courses

* combination of 4 weeks intensive Chinese plus 8 to 16 weeks internship in either our associated host companies or in Global Exchange Center
* fast registration process within 2 weeks
* program fees include internship placement, tuition for 4 weeks language training and accommodation costs for whole period time,
More details

  2. Customized Internship Placement Program

Placement will be tailored to needs of individual application,

* Minimum internship duration should be 3 months or longer,
* Average placement process takes 2-3 months
* Chinese language course, accommodation, visa support are not included but can be arranged at additional fees
More details

  Some cases of our internship in host companies



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