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Is there a minimum age requirement for applicants?
You must be 18 years of age in order to participate in our program. There is no maximum age limit

What if I miss a class? When do I get to make it up?

Once the schedule for a week is made and handed over to the students, which generally is the case by the previous Thursday. No make-up lessons or refund are available. ( exception can be made by director of Global Exchange Center)


Course credit -- Can I receive university / college credit for course work conducted in your program?
In the past, students from several universities in USA and Europe have received university credit for Chinese Classes at our center as well as for the internships provided through our center. These arrangements where made on a case by case basis. Ask the academic advisor or study abroad advisor in your university first about the requirements. Our center is willing to provide all detailed information such as course schedule, students attendance records, test result and other related records.

Our language program is also officially recognized as a Bildungsurlaub course in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.


Can I buy snacks and something to drink at the school?
On the first floor of the building there is a little shop in which you are able to buy local as well as international snack foods (Oreo, Ahoy, Coke, Lays, Pepsi, etc…..). Furthermore, at our center we provide drinking water at all times.

What is a typical day like?

Language instruction takes place between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm; Group lessons are typically four hours per day and intensive lessons last approximately six hours. Students are given a schedule at the beginning of each week.
Group lessons focus on conversational Chinese (70% oral, 30% reading/writing) and private lessons depend on the student's preference.


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