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Global Exchange Center Chinese Business internship

Learn Chinese Business

Why should you choose this program?

* Gain intercultural profession experience
* Expose yourself to Chinese culture
* Improve your grasp of the Chinese language
* Experience everyday life in China
* Build new and exciting friendships



The Global Exchange Center arranges internships for students interested in obtaining work experience in the Chinese business environment. The goal of our program is to offer valuable and practical insight into Chinese culture. In particular, we give our students a direct perspective of Chinese business practices, fostering greater understanding of the cross-cultural differences underlying the global economy. In addition, trainees will have the unique opportunity to hone their Chinese language skills in a real life environment.

Day to day involvement in the operations of a Chinese organization allows one to develop understanding of the unique values and habits of the Chinese people. Interacting with Chinese employees provides rare insight into their work methods and socialization patterns. Trainees will thus be able to expand their learning far beyond the classroom, better understanding the local business environmen.

Our “Chinese Language plus Business Internship program” is an effective combination of focused Chinese language instruction and a short term internship. While our program should not be considered an obvious first step on a career path, it will provide a valuable cultural and linguistic experience geared toward encouraging success in an international environment.

In order to help our trainees get the most from their experience, all students interested in booking our “Chinese Business Internship” are required to take at least 120 lessons of group (or 60 lessons of private course) of Chinese language courses in our center. Additional courses are welcome to be taken at a discounted rate. Lessons will focus on improving conversational skills for both casual and professional situations.

Our internship placement is based upon several factors such as educational background, work experience, career goals, and length of time you intend to work with your host company. Generally, host companies will assign more responsibilities to students who are willing to invest more time in their internship, making the resulting experience more rewarding. Keep in mind Chinese language skills are not an important factor in our internship placement process.

Trainees will work in a selected company for 25-30 hours per week, over a period of time ranging from 4-16 weeks. A variety of work experiences are available depending on the individual’s goal. Some interns work as team members for projects such as online business research, marketing and public relation initiatives, language translation for business materials and customer support. Other students help host companies start or update their English websites, develop promotional materials, and provide English language support for company managers and co-workers.

Internship placement process and conditions
In order to provide standard and fast internship placement, our center has a limited business partners who make internship positions available on an ongoing basis. Our center can easily place interns in our partner companies as long as the applicant meets certain basic requirements. Currently our program provides placement in the field of general business, marketing, customer support and business translation.


It should be understood that students are expected NOT to turn down our placement offer without valid reasons. If students choose not to accept our internship offer, they may request an extended language course at a discounted rate, or receive a refund for internship placement fee. Our center has no obligation to provide a new internship placement or otherwise provide compensation to the student.

Chinese Business Internship Placement Fees 2015 ( in US $):







program fee $

1647 1707 1768 1829 1890

The listed fee includes tuition for 4 weeks intensive group Chinese course and internship placement fee. No accommodation costs are included in listed fees.

Starting dates for our Chinese Business Internship program in 2015:
January 5, February 2, March 2, April 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3, September 7, October 12 , 
November 2 and December 7.

Application process:

1. Send a copy of your resume (or CV) and cover letter/motivational letter with a completed application form to us by email.
2. If your background meets our basic requirements, we will send you a letter of acceptance and invoice by email.
3. There is a $250 down payment required to complete the application process. This consists of a $50 non refundable application fee and a $200 refundable program deposit. All terms are included on the application form.


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