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Frequently Asked Questions about the accommodation


What should I bring with me?
In major cities such as Beijing, it is very convenient to find brand name products that are popular in other international cities. These include soft drinks, fast food, soap, shampoo, and clothing. Shoes and clothes, in general, are very inexpensive in China, but be aware, cheap Nike’s are so for a reason. Authentic brand name clothing is as expensive as abroad. We recommend that students bring preferred brands of over-the-counter medications and a few towels.

Do I get my own bedroom?

For all of our accommodation options, student dorm, host family, and apartment, students get a single bedroom. We do not arrange to have a shared room unless two persons know each other before coming and specifically request a double room.

Are the meals included?

Meals are not included in the dorm and apartment options. In the host family the student will receive breakfast and supper.

I need to use the internet frequently; is that possible?

We have computers with internet access available in the office. However, we limit access time to 15 minutes at a time and do not allow the downloading of files from the internet. At the dorm, students with a laptop are able to subscribe to the internet with a dditional costs of about $20 per month. Some host families have internet at home and some do not. Nevertheless, there are several internet cafes near our center which charge about 2.5 – 4 Yuan per hour (1 US=8 yuan ).

I like my drinks cold, are there refrigerators available?

At all three of our options students have refrigerators and water dispenser units at their disposal. In the dorm every room is equipped with a fridge and a water dispenser unit. In the apartments and the host family the same is the case. Here both amenities are to be shared with the apartment mates/the host family.


Do I get towels provided or do I have to bring them?
Students should bring a towel or to get ready to buy one in the local supermarket ( it is very inexpensive in China).


I am staying for more than a week. Naturally I have to do laundry. How does that work?
In the dorm there is a washing machine on each floor to be used for everyone. Here make sure that you don’t leave your clothing after the washing is finished. Others will want to use it too. Our apartments all are equipped with washing machines.


In the host families it is different from family to family. In some families you will not be allowed to wash your own clothing, it will be done for you. In others you have to do your laundry yourself. Though all of our families have washing machines, some of them do not use them. There are NO dryers in most Chinese families.

I have special dietary needs because I have food allergies; can that be accommodated in a host-family?
If any of the above is the case the families will be informed. Additionally, we together with you will work on note to take with you whenever you visit a restaurant to inform the staff of the allergy. That is not something we want you to practice your Chinese on ;-).


I have special dietary needs because I am Vegetarian or Vegan; can that be accommodated in a host-family?

Host families will be informed of your dietary needs and will accommodate them. However, please realize that in China this kind of life style is not very well known or understood. All the food is cooked in one Wok. For those who insist on their food being cooked in a specifically designated Veggie woks/pots a host family might not be the perfect choice.?

VOLTAGE -- What is the voltage used in China? Can I bring my hairdryer from home?

The voltage in China is 220v. Outlets in China accommodate equipment from North America, as well as from Europe. However, North Americans have to make sure that the equipment they want to use has an in-built adapter. On your equipment look for Input: if this says AC 100 – 240V everything should work. Converters and power strips may be purchased locally. Hairdryers can be purchase for as little as 38 RMB.


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