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This is a special Chinese language course that aims to enable flight attendants to communicate clearly and efficiently with Chinese speaking passengers. It covers many different topics that are relevant and vital for the successful execution of the profession, such as in-flight-announcements, emergency instructions, information about delays and changes of destination. We also cover specific vocabulary related to weather conditions, aviation, in-flight-service, catering onboard, onboard selling techniques, emergency situations, reservations and booking, check-in and boarding, safety on board regulations, take-off and landing instructions, passenger service and inquiries during the flight and general day to day airline work.

Key features of this courses:

  1. 1. Suitable to all levels
  2. 2. Both private one to one and small group courses are available
  3. 3. Focus on conversation training and role playing
  4. 4. Course available all year around
  5. 5. Intensive group course is BU recognized in Berlin, Germany

    Fees for Chinese for Flight Attendants Courses in 2015 (In US $)

    Weeks 30





    1 370 296 465 311
    2 616 492 774 517
    3 921 737 1089 774
    4 1220 972 1398 1021
    5 1497 1184 1698 1254
    6 1763 1404 1987 1475
    8 2270 1812 2518 1903
    10 2753 2196 3003 2306
    Add week 182 156 208 164







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