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Chinese Martial Arts Programs Overview

Martial Arts


Martial Arts

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Martial Arts  

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Martial Arts



Aims:  The aim of our martial arts programs is to enhance the physical and mental fitness of our trainees, and to improve their mental agility,  mental concentration as well as self  control.  

All of our martial arts programs include:  core training courses, martial arts exchange programs and Chinese cultural lessons.  The core courses will be in small group with kung fu masters.  The trainees select which type of programs to learn in advance.  The courses subjects we offer include traditional kung fu, Tai chi, wine chun or more. Martial arts Exchange program provides the opportunity to exchange martial arts practice with Chinese students or young people.  It is not only the chance to improve martial arts skills, but also the opportunity to make a long lasting friendship.  Our center provides the short cultural lessons as a part of martial programs. The topics may include:  introduction of kung fu. Tai chi, Chinese martial arts terminology, taoism, basic Chinese medicine principles, feng shui and more.

Two cities: Beijing and Yantai: 
Our two cities programs:  Global Exchange Center offers martial arts programs in Beijing and Yantai, a coastal city in Shandong province of China.  Martial Arts programs in Beijing mainly serve the trainees who want to take the martial arts lessons as a part of integrated culture learning package.  As Beijing is Chinese cultural center and there are rich opportunities to see and to experience Chinese cultural heritage and contemporary development in Beijing.  There are many top Chinese sport universities and training centers there with very professional kung fu masters.  So the unique feature of Beijing programs is to learn Chinese martial arts as a part of comprehensive package.
Yantai is a relatively smaller coastal city with very rich history of kung fu training.  There are cleaning air and beautiful environments and less big city style.  So our martial arts programs in Yantai are perfect for the trainees who want to immerse into martial arts training for relatively a long period of time in nature and closed training setting.

Students Advisors: 
One of barriers for non-Chinese to learn martial arts efficiently is the language barrier.  Our center provides the professional students advisor to our martial arts trainees  These advisors are not just interpreters. They all had some kung fu training experiences themselves and have good martial arts background knowledge. The students advisors also have good understanding of related terminologies in both Chinese and English.  They help kung fu masters in the core classes and they may guide students during their self practicing session. 

Training Plan and Evaluation: 
Each trainee in Chinese martial arts program receives his or her training plan at beginning of programs after the discussion between trainee and our advisors. Personal learning goal and focus will be stated in the plan. The training evaluation serves as on-going communication channel between kung fu masters or student’s advisors with individual trainee. It is also the progress record of each trainee. The strengths and weakness of the trainee will be marked for further improvement.











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